PIECE (re​-​mixed​/​mastered 2017)

by Everyone Dies Alone

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released March 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Everyone Dies Alone Antwerp, Belgium

For fans of Despised Icon, Aversions Crown, The Faceless, Slaughter to Prevail, Humanity's Last Breath, Traitors, Lorna Shore, Lifeforms, Thy Art Is Murder,...

In general our ambition is to transfer the fun and passion we put into our tunes and experience on stage onto our audience. This way we hope we can give them a show they’ll never forget.
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Track Name: Ingenia
(conversation between Conscience and man → see concept explained. C=conscience – M=man)

C: Roarrrrrr !!!
M: Rise up from the shadows and give form to voice in light
Fear shall find no strength in here, ascendancy denied
C: Reek and indulge in the unspoiled shards of ignominy
Crave for what’s owned, sapience shall grimly follow
M: Stern lies
C: Accede to the name
M: Incitement
C: Seize verity
Sway to the caitiff
M: The essence resides
C: Culpable negligence
M: Prosperity cleanses all disgrace
C: Languished conscience
M: No one is chaste
C: Abecedarian
M: Damning with faint praise
Remorse proceeds the vultures
C: Yet a penitent man crafts his own lot
M: The living soul mirrors the world
C: No equivelancy with those meant to burn
M: All diluted by the absence of acquiring something to be reckoned as worth to die for
C: Then the time has come to eradicate life for being the greater enemy
M: Fiercely drawn by this grievous cerebration. A path once enlightened transformed to dust
C: Thus eradicate life for being the greater enemy, finish it now !!!
M: Aaaaaaaaaarggghhh
C: In valor there is hope
Track Name: Nightbreaker
Nor a brother's keeper, nor a mother's son
Walking the hyphen between lucidity, with neurosis six feet underneath
Twisting between wind and serosity, gifted chosen remnants of the golden mean
I the martyr, the hero, the sage, bringer of beauty and truth in my wake
I the shadow, the leveler, the end bearer of envy and greed in my trail
My will be done
This duality, coalescent counterparts
This binary, converging
Why? The purpose of existence
What? The nature of reality.
Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea
The storm is coming
Pallbearers rake over the ashes at the eleventh hour
Our savior, time is up
Redeem us from the kingdom of bane
Deadened soul speaks no more
Callous heart beats forlorn
I fear for all I love I left behind
These voices, they made me do it
A thousand eyes are lurking, as the mute are leading the blind
Track Name: Iscariot
Incinerating eyes augur climax, cloaked by shadow and a threat
Watch it fall away, lay eyes on Hell behind
Bring forth belligerence, dissolve delinquency
No martyr shall be spawned when this narration comes to pass
The rate for 30 pieces silver now equals the delaction of being struck by agony
All debts rebound for deeds in a grievous memory
Perceptual dubiety for matters lost in time
A boney hand reaching for a gentle touch
Douse in a mere of blood, girded servant
Bathe in squalor
Welcome to the miscreant caste
Cast aside illusions of conceit
Embrace the warmth of torture, sprung from a self planted seed
Indulge in rippling hatred
Constellations formed by words in ambiguity
Evoke the Dirae
Bereaved of all significance
Time has elapsed for mending
All wounds turned to purulent scars
Compassion torn assunder
Years of decay tamper the mind
Into the frey
Be born anew
Ease and relish before the last throat is cut

Q: Do you see or hear things that other people can't?
A : I see and hear lots of things, everything's going horribly wrong.
I know a lot you people don't.
There's just no one who wants to listen to me.
Q: I'm here to listen, do you think you have a supernatural gift?
A: I do, it's my destiny to save you all.
This world will end if you don't let me out of here.
Q: Do you believe you can predict what will happen in the future?
A: Yes, I know everything because he told me.
Q: Who told you, was it a voice in your head?
A: My reflection in the mirror did.
It told me if I don't act quick this whole world will be destroyed.
Q: What did it tell you to do?
A: To kill you.”

Die wretched one
Indulge in endemic fate
Shrive now
Track Name: Gemini
An enigma veiling ambiguity
Midmost seraphim and surging hellions
Enliven loess with inferno
The deluge befallen aether
Countenance more in anger than in sorrow
The die has been cast
Immaculate conception
Soulless ring of changes
A tale of cloak and dagger
Basking in high dudgeon
Two folded take the hindmost
Foredoomed be the anathema
Baptized in flames
Bathing in water
Pertaining to stone
Floating through tempest
Cursed be thy name
Blessed be thy grave
Worlds set ablaze
Twisted all fates
Lest your faulty memory
Coerce all wit astray
Split tongues speak in daggers
Tales of pyric victories
Traitors for the gallows
Honor lies down the breach
Drown disdain aside you
We are one and the same
Sans heart
Sans mind
Sans soul
Sans fate
Now die
Man’s evil demeanor endures in brass
Where virtues morality are written in blood
Track Name: Maatraameru
The sixth regular solid, one of many faces, in search of perfection
A five pointed star bears the golden mean, limbs aiming for seclusion
Set fire to the hive
the beholder's eyes
peaceful retinal hurricane
overwhelming grace
breaking dawn
A glorius apparition uplifts me from inertia
True paragon of virtue
I follow a golden spiral
Halcyonic zephyr allaying the transition
Broken cohesion
Lethargic vehemence
Porous solidity
Suffocating expansion
Aether, incorruptible
Beyond the matter
Quintessence, omniscient
Beyond the mind
Evolution, unquenchable
Beyond the sequence
Conversion, vestigial
Beyond the boundaries
Now I see
Now I know
Reverse the spiral
Enter the flesh again
Who will save us now, as the deaf have their backs turned to the blind
I will not leave us to our fate, for mine is worse than death
Track Name: Prometheus
Rise, fiendish holler, discard assumed certainty
Thrive blackened ambience, now cede impaired sanctity
Fate reflects in petrified eyes
Blood flows, life fades, man dies, God hates
Progenies scourged by their legacy
What once was surmised, now corrupts the festering mind
Ghoulish cries certify the titan’s acerbity
Relentless persecution
Now face the terror of Death’s breach
Sons of decay, laid to rest,
Cast away to an ambiguous region
Arcadian futurity rectified
Stern words of valor shall echo no more
A slight breeze respawns silence as atrocities begin to fade
The last breath diminishes while subjugators egress
Balance is not necesarely on the end of an equasion
Sometimes the result can only be chaos
Sleep now discarded child